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Enterprize Energy’s ultimate goal is to support nations and communities in achieving the transition from unsustainable energy practices by providing them with clean, independent and economically sustainable energy

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Enterprize Energy


At Enterprize Energy our passion for helping to solve two of the world’s most pressing energy dilemmas is the key driver of our business. The first being increasing energy demand and second, and more critical, ensuring that new demand is met by the deployment of cleaner technology.  We're proud of our work. Please take a look at some of our projects.

Enterprize Energy +

The Enterprize Energy team began pioneering ‘Enterprize Energy +’ in 1999 with the Ormonde hybrid concept. ‘Enterprize Energy +’ means emulating the value chain-adding development of the earliest oil and gas companies that participated in ‘end-to-end’ value-adding development, production and refining, but based upon low carbon resources.